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The rule of opposites attract couldn’t be more accurate of our relationship together. Britt loves cold weather, has an amazing mind for design and creativity, is talkative and outgoing whereas MJ loves hot weather, water sports, and is rather quiet and less at ease in big groups of people. Looking at our differences in everyday styles and interests, we seem like completely different people, but we have an amazing chemistry together and make each other happy. We truly balance each other out and help each other with things the other isn’t able to do. For instance, most days Britt is super busy with work, so MJ does the cooking and the day-to-day things Britt wouldn’t have time or energy for.

It might seem crazy that we moved in together after 8 months of dating, and even crazier for MJ to move all the way from Florida to Ohio when she loves water sports and the sunshine so much, but it’s worth it. Long distance over long periods of time makes a relationship really tricky and challenging. We really missed the simple everyday things together and just getting to have more than a weekend every couple of months to be together. Britt’s family lives in Ohio so it was important to her that she stays close and is able to see them often. We both love traveling and we promised each other that MJ would visit Florida or some other destination to get her surfing and sunshine in as often as she wants!

This section of our blog will be reserved for talking about date nights, ideas for couples, creative relationship advice, and our daily tips for a healthy lifestyle!