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May 4th our journey begins. We will be traveling together for two and a half months! Just a short 34-hour trip and we will begin in Indonesia. We will spend our time in Bali, surfing, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful landscape. Next stop will be the Maldives for some relaxing and soaking up the island life. Then, we will be heading up to Europe for the remainder of our journey. We will visit Ireland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia and the Canary Islands. Then, two months later, we will head back to our home in Columbus, Ohio!

While planning this amazing trip, we each made a list of our top choices of places to visit, combined them, and narrowed them down. We wanted to ensure that both of us would have our dream vacation. We worked with a travel agency called NIQUESA based in London to help us get the most out of each country. They were amazing in helping us plan and set up everything we wanted to do! In order to cut costs down and to be able to get the full experience, we will be staying the majority of the time in Airbnbs. Each city and country will bring on something new for us! Surfing for MJ, Spa days for Britt, and hiking, exploring, cooking classes, and so much more for the both of us! We understand that we will have things we will love to do together and things that will be more interesting or exciting for one of us, but we are willing to compromise and make sure that both of us get everything we want out of the trip.

Along the way we want to share our journey with you guys! We will give tips, travel advice, and recommendations on places to stay, where to eat, and activities that we loved. We plan to photograph and video all along the way and share everything with you! You can also follow us on instagram @brittanyandmelissa for more pictures and info on our lives together.

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Follow us on our journey abroad! We are traveling to: Bali The Maldives Ireland London Paris South of France Croatia Italy Greece Portugal Spain XOXO, Britt + MJ